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When did Mother Teresa begin daily Eucharistic adoration with her Sisters?

Posted on August 4th, 2011 at 1:04 pm

Sisters of Charity - Praying

A visitor to Mother Teresa’s “Home for the Dying” commented, “Mother, I wouldn’t do this for a million dollars.” Mother Teresa responded, “I wouldn’t do it for a million dollars either. But I'll do it for Jesus. The only reason that I care for the sick and the poor is because I love Jesus in them.”

When Mother Teresa was deciding to increase Eucharistic Adoration from weekly to daily, one of the sisters said to her, “We cannot spend time in adoration every day because we will have less time to work with the poor.” But Mother knew the importance of a daily commitment to adore Jesus so she dedicated herself and her sisters to a daily hour of Eucharistic adoration. Something amazing happened: The number of vocations to Mother Teresa’s order doubled! By giving an hour to the Lord every day, more sisters were sent to her to do even more work for the poor. To be able to love Jesus in others, we first need to love Him in the Holy Eucharist. Could you make a commitment to do one hour of Eucharistic Adoration per week?